How do I get a certificate?

You can get a certificate by completing the Certificate Request Form and clicking the email form button. This will send your request directly to our certificate specialist for processing. Certificates are issued same day or within 24 hours at no additional costs.

What is an additional insured and how much does it cost?

An additional insured is an individual or entity that by contract or agreement requires you to cover them under your policy extending to them your coverages for your services rendered. This may be a temporary arrangement (special events, fairs or festivals) or more permanent (commissaries and/or commercial kitchen space rentals) Our program policy automatically includes Blanket Additional Insured’s on a Certificate of Insurance at no additional cost.

What is needed for a quote?

Truck Information ,Driver information, Garaging Location, Sales information to name a few requirements.  Once you have completed the application please click the Email Form button and it will be directed to an underwriter who review your application and provide a quote appropriate to your needs.

Can I just purchase commercial auto or general liability rather than a package?

Our policy is designed as a package to make sure there are no gaps in coverage. Understanding the various insurance needs and circumstances of the mobile food vending industry we are able to make some exceptions on a case by case basis. Please contact our team at (888) 678-6384 to discuss your needs.

Do you cover mobile or stationary trailers?

Yes, we write both stationary and mobile “enclosed” trailers on a comprehensive policy that will include theft of the unit. You may be surprised to find that you have your stationary trailer written on a policy that covers it as a building not providing coverage in the event that the unit is stolen. We have also found that trailer owners assume their trailer is covered under their personal policy, when it is not. Many personal policies have restrictions on business use and even trailers with a towing capacity of 2,000 lbs. or more. If you feel you may not be adequate covered please contact us to review your current coverage.

Do you provide coverage for pushcarts, tent and/or table operations at special events, fairs and festivals?

Yes, we can provide standalone general liability for these operations as well as some property coverage for the cart, tables or stands on a national policy designed specifically for concessionaires.

Can you provide workers compensation?

Yes, we are a full service agency capable of facilitating all your insurance needs from business to personal, even group health. If you are interested in an easy affordable work comp quote please call (888) 678-6384.

Do owner-operated businesses need workers compensation coverage?

Short Answer: Yes, we highly recommend it. Long Answer: If you are an owner-operated business and are injured on the job the injury would be considered a work related injury. Many personal and group health policies exclude coverage for work related injuries leaving you without the coverage needed to recover the loss from medical bills. Workers Compensation has Unlimited Medical.

Do I need a health inspection and permit in order to get an insurance policy?

Yes. We understand that the health inspection process can be quite tedious and that some states require insurance before getting your permit. An active health permit is needed on file to issue the policy, however, if you are a new venture needing insurance to obtain the permit we are able to work with you by extending the requirement 30 days after policy issuance.